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Tectus Insurance presents a new, unique concept for private collectors, dealers, musicians, galleries and museums. We are not trying to reinvent the wheel but our product is simpler and more flexible than any other presently on the market.

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Since it was first founded in 1707, art and design have been integral to Fortnum & Mason, with creatives from a wide range of disciplines all commissioned by Fortnum's over the decades - including Royal Academician David Remfry, acclaimed illustrator Edward Bawden and artists from the Bloomsbury Group and Royal College of Art. In 2016, Fortnum's staged 'Fortnum's X Frank', a collaboration with Frank Cohen which saw works from his collection of British Modern Art displayed in-store, while 2017 has seen David Bailey displaying a unique installation in two of Fortnum's storefront windows. Fortnum's own enviable collection of pieces - including two recent additions by Lynn Chadwick and Nicholas Monro – is also on permanent display throughout the store, across all six floors.