A Special Themed Exhibition: Revolution & Renewal

London Art Week | 1 July 2021

This Summer, London Art Week (LAW) has unveiled a special digital themed exhibition - Revolution and Renewal. As part of its collaboration with leading museums around the world, London Art Week is delighted to welcome the first guest curator Dr. Arturo Galansino - art historian, curator, academic scholar and Director General of the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi in Florence.

Well-known among the London Art Week community, Arturo Galansino has been invited to curate this exhibition by the LAW Board, who have long admired his exceptional track record in curating and co-curating incredible shows spanning Old Masters to contemporary art: from Giovanni Battista Moroni, Giorgione, Peter Paul Rubens at the Royal Academy to Ai Weiwei, Bill Viola and Marina Abramovic at the Palazzo Strozzi.

All LAW participants have been invited to submit one work on the theme for consideration by Dr. Galansino. In anticipation of the exhibition's launch, we spoke with Arturo about his initial thoughts on the exhibition: "It is very important that a prestigious event like London Art Week takes place across participating galleries this summer, after over a year of difficult lockdowns due to the pandemic. I am very proud to curate 'Revolution and Renewal' the online themed exhibition that creates a connection between the galleries. Art is always a mirror of both its makers, the artists, and its audience, society at large.

Dr. Arturo Galansino,
Director General of the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi

'Revolution and Renewal' displays an outstanding selection of Old Masters and Modern artworks - which visitors will also be able to view in-person within the galleries. Spanning from Antiquity to the Renaissance, from Baroque to Cubism, these artworks were all in their time contemporary and embodied the issues and the spirit of their time, the need for change and renovation of the society in which they were created. 

My hope is that, in the difficult situation we are all experiencing, these works coming from the past will inspire and encourage us towards a better future. The fact that galleries will be open to visitors, the possibility to return to galleries and museums after months of absence, will no doubt reassert the crucial role that art plays in all our lives."

Visit the exhibition here: https://londonartweek.co.uk/revolutionandrenewal/

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