Hylton Nel at Eighty

17.00 (BST) / 12.00 (EST)

Florrie Evans and Patrick Duffy talk to Moira Benigson, who has been collecting works by the South African 'artist-potter' Hylton Nel since meeting him in 1975 and did in fact introduce him to The Fine Art Society. This is the fifth time he has exhibited with the gallery since his first show in 1996. Nel's work is satirical, witty, sensuous and tactile. His ceramics are at once decorative and utilitarian: objects to be handled and used, as much as they are to be admired. For the past four decades, Nel has developed a rich visual language filled with references to decorative arts from across the world; literary and art historical sources; objects and images collected from popular media collected whilst living in South Africa. His work is found in many collections in South Africa and in private collections around the world.

Hylton Nel (b.1941), Interrupted while reading, Courtesy Fine Art Society

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