'Our Favourite Works' - Chosen by the team at Hunters LAW LLP

Hunters Law LLP, sponsors of London Art Week, shares its clients' passion for art, so we asked members of the team to select their own favourite works on offer at LAW Digital this summer. These are the results...


Gregor Kleinknecht, Partner at Hunters:

Friedrich Nerly (Erfurt, Germany 1807 - Venice 1878), View of the Bacino di San Marco in Venice, c. 1840

"Famous in his day, but now rather under-appreciated, Nehrlich perfectly captures the light and ambience of Venice with fine attention to detail.  On the verge of the steam age, he captures the romantic "classic" Venice."








Hetty Gleave, Partner at Hunters:

Laureano Barrau (Barcelona 1863-Santa Eularia des Rius 1957), The Swing

"I know nothing of Laureano Barrau other than he is a Spanish Impressionist painter but I just love the way he has captured the light and movement of the child. It conveys the innocence of the moment perfectly and the quizzical look on the girl's face as if she is wondering why she is being painted, like he is stealing her moment. You get the impression of that the next movement of the swing would have produced not just an entirely different image, but a different picture."






She also chose:

David Bomberg (Birmingham 1890-London 1957) The Moor's Bridge

"I have always been an admirer of Bomberg - one of the Whitechapel bad boys of art whose frustration and passion is almost palpable in his work. The strong brush strokes and striking colours are a perfect example of this and I would love to own one of his works."










Petra Warrington, Senior Associate at Hunters:

Cyril Power 1872-1951, The Tube Station

"I'm feeling strangely nostalgic about the Tube given that I have not set foot on it for over four months. In different times, I would love to be zipping towards Central London and popping in and out of London Art Week galleries. This is such a striking image and particularly resonates today given the eery emptiness of Tube stations and London generally. I would be thrilled to have it on my wall any and every day though."









Rebecca Christie, Associate at Hunters:

Sir Cedric Lockwood Morris 1889 - 1982, Clematis and Morning Glory

"I have spent lockdown in the Suffolk countryside, betwixt The Pound, Benton End, and the site in Dedham where Cedric Morris originally ran the East Anglian School of Painting and Drawing. I have always enjoyed hearing the story of how the school finally came to be at Benton End. There was a fire at the Dedham school which was allegedly started by Lucian Freud's cigarette and according to Joan Warburton whilst the students were painting the blackened ruins, Alfred Munnings (who also lived in Dedham on Castle Hill) drove past crying 'Down with modern art'. What a superb anecdote!"












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