The Weiss Gallery

Exhibition title: Facing history

Exhibitor Overview

The Weiss Gallery is the leading dealer in Tudor, Stuart and North European Old Master portraiture, where you will find an unequalled selection of historical portraits for sale. We encourage you to visit our splendid gallery located in the heart of the prestigious St James's.

Over the past three decades, The Weiss Gallery has made many notable sales, which now grace distinguished public collections around the world such as the National Gallery of Victoria, Cleveland Museum of Art, The Escorial, The Huntington Library, The National Portrait Galleries in London and Edinburgh, as well as private collectors based in Northern Europe and the USA.

One of the gallery's main strengths is its dedication to research; the many catalogues that we have produced over the years have become essential reading for scholars and collectors alike, particularly recent publications focused on the artists Frans Pourbus the Younger (2015) and Cornelius Johnson (2016).

Gallery Interior