Around the World on my Brush: the fascinating artistic journey of a pioneering lady

‘Woman Artist Earns Way Around the World With Brush’ ran the headline of the New York Evening Post of 13 March 1928, as Hilda May Gordon neared the end of her extraordinary journey. So successful were her vivid expressive little paintings that a proposed four month trip to the Dalmatian Coast turned into a triumphant six and half year tour of the globe.

Martyn Gregory stumbled across her extraordinary work and journey long after her death in 1972 at the age of 98. He and his team will now take you on a journey of her work - how she sketched everyday life, religious festivals, devastating volcanoes and the Cremation of a King. She travelled on ponies, yaks and elephants; lived in native huts, on houseboats, in tents and palaces; and was entertained by Monks and Maharajahs alike.





Wed 05 December 2018


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