SAW - A Florentine medley, a touch of Rome, Paintings and Sculpture: 16th - 19th Century



Trinity Fine Art has earned a reputation as a leading destination for exceptional works of art, many of which have been acquired by great private collections and major museums in Europe and North America.  Learn first hand from Jonathan Mennell, co-founder of Trinity Fine Art, who will talk you through important works of art in their London Art Week exhibition. 

Slow Art Workshop – SAW – is to give people of any age curious about any kind of art the opportunity of looking at it and, more importantly, handling it, within a small group led by a specialist dealer or curator. These workshops are not talks, or master classes for aficionados, but environments in which anyone can engage with objects first hand, look, think and ask questions. They are as much about passion and pleasure as knowledge; offering a gentle reminder that there is more out there than contemporary art.

As numbers are limited to all events, we ask that you register your interest and we will contact you, via email, to confirm your place. Since this event is free and on a first come first serve basis, we will make every effort to reserve you a place or find you an alternative event.


01 July 2017



Trinity Fine Art
15 Old Bond Street



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