Discoveries - how do dealers and insurance companies deal with the transition from sleeper to masterpiece?

17.00 (BST) / 12.00 (EST)

Nothing is more exciting in the art world than a long lost masterpiece that is discovered by a dealer. How much research is involved and how do modern technologies change the way we now research works? What does this actually mean for insurance companies and how are they dealing with the transition from an unattributed painting to the work of a well-known artist? Join London Art Week Sponsors, Jorge Coll and Franz Ihm of Colnaghi Tectus Insurance on Thursday 15 July for a fascinating online discussion on the life cycle of discoveries.

Colnaghi Tectus Insurance can help protect your irreplaceable and precious works with our unique insurance offerings and services. Our in-house specialists are experts in providing current and considered valuations and collaborate seamlessly with our insurance broker partners to deliver the coverage that you need, wherever you and your art collection may be.

Jorge Coll, CEO Colnaghi & Co-Founder of Colnaghi-Tectus Insurance

Franz Ihm Co-Founder of Colnaghi-Tectus Insurance
Seated Male Figure, Jalisco, Mexico, Protoclassic Period, ca. 300 B.C. - 200 A.D.
Ceramic, 42.6 x 36.7 x 30.5 cm
Courtesy of Colnaghi

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