Favourite Works - Chosen by the team at Hunters LAW LLP

Hunters Law LLP, sponsors of London Art Week, share their clients' passion for beauty and art. We asked some members of their team to select their favourite artworks from LAW Summer 2021. Scroll down the page to learn more.

Henri Matisse (1869 - 1954)
Portrait of Janie Bussy, 1952
Elliott Fine Art

"My choice is Henri Matisse's Portrait of Janie Bussy (Elliott Fine Art). I was struck by it because, with a few simple lines, Matisse captures an attractive young woman who looks confidently at us from the picture but with a hint of a smile. His affection for her comes through."

Stephen Morrall, Partner at Hunters

Walter Richard Sickert N.E.A.C. (1860 - 1940) London; The Thames from Chiswick Mall, c. 1910
Abbott and Holder

"I love the immediacy and intimacy of works on paper. This postcard-sized pen and ink drawing by Sickert of the Thames from Chiswick Mall captures the river at low tide on a still, summer day. The trees in the foreground are drawn with a deft spontaneity that so beautifully evokes the dappled sunlight falling through the leaves; Sickert's loose and suggestive line lets us imagine the detail of moored boats, vegetation on the opposite bank and the reflections in the water."

Amy Scollan, Partner at Hunters

Antonietta Brandeis (1848 - 1926) Venice: Santa Maria della Salute Myslkovice, c. 1885,
Charles Beddington

"This painting by Antonietta Brandeis caught my eye because I have a watercolour by Alexander Creswell showing a similar view of the Salute. It is fabulous to see it in oil, the colours are softer than the usual oils of Venice and the architectural analysis and details captured are superb."

Lewis Edwards, Senior Associate at Hunters

Félix-Hippolyte Lanoüe (1812-1872) View of the Hermitage of Saint-Cassien near Cannes, 1864
James Mackinnon

"The warmth of the early autumn sun permeates the entire painting; I enjoy the way the light is captured by the trees, shrubbery and weeds...and even the horns and ears of the farm animals. The shadows linger languidly, it seems. Lanoüe skillfully makes a vast variety of textures come alive, which is particularly impressive considering the challenges of painting deciduous forests. Perspective is subtle, and it charmingly invites us to stroll across the bridge and down an unseen path..."

Anastassia Dimmek, Associate at Hunters

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