30 June 7 July 2017 | PREVIEW 29 JUNE

30 June 7 July 2017
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About London Art Week

Gold Drachm of Syracuse (Sicily), c.317-310 BC, Minted under Agathocles
Gold Drachm of Syracuse (Sicily), c.317-310 BC, Minted under Agathocles

London Art Week is the world’s most important gallery-based celebration of pre-contemporary art. The event celebrates the exceptional riches and unparalleled expertise available within the galleries of Mayfair and St. James’s – a unique neighbourhood which represents the international and historic centre of the traditional art trade.

Incorporating more than 50 specialist art galleries and three major auction houses, and including a selection of leading international participants who come to London to take part in the event, London Art Week showcases an impressive array of exhibitions highlighting paintings, drawings, sculpture, and works of art, from antiquity to the 20th century.

With all participants situated within walking distance, London Art Week offers a unique platform which convenes VIP collectors, international museum curators and enthusiasts who explore the galleries and meet with specialist dealers.

Now in its fourth year, the attraction and convening power of the event was most recently evidenced at the 2015 edition of London Art Week which recorded significant sales and attracted tens of thousands of visitors from around the world, including representatives from over 50 major international museums.

“London Art Week…. offers different excitements: the thrill of the chase, the joy of rediscovery, the shock not of the new but of the newly understood.” 
Financial Times

“Focussed around the galleries of Mayfair and St. James’s, the event stresses the global importance of London’s art trade. The breadth of works in display is impressive.”

“..the best of London’s Mayfair and St. James’s is on show for visitors who make it down to the West End.”

“…like a premier art fair with a short walk between each booth.”
The Daily Telegraph 

“…a remarkable number of discoveries and rediscoveries.”
Country Life