Splendour and Magnificence: Art from the European Courts

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ROBILANT+VOENA deal in fine art from the fifteenth century to the twenty first, encompassing Old Masters and nineteenth century painting, classic modern, Italian post- war and contemporary art. Reflecting this breadth of specialism, critically acclaimed exhibitions at the gallery have included shows on Antonio Joli and Gaspar van Wittel; as well as surveys of Italian artists such as Lucio Fontana, Paolo Scheggi and Agostino Bonalumi.

Splendour and Magnificence: Art from the European Courts

Paintings, sculpture, and furniture are all the more alluring when they were made for a royal or noble collection. Robilant + Voena is pleased to present a group of treasures once displayed in the homes of dukes, earls, kings and queens. These are shown alongside portraits of illustrious members of European aristocratic dynasties. 

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Benedict Tomlinson

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