Galleria W. Apolloni

From Baroque to Rococo

Exhibitor overview

With the main premises in via Margutta and another showroom in via del Babuino, W.Apolloni is one of the most prominent art gllery in Rome. Founded by Wladimiro in 1926 and run from 1948 to 2006 by his son Fabrizio the gallery has sold many masterpieces to museums in Italy and abroad, like the Coaci Inkstand to the Minneapolis Institute of Art or the Petiets family portraits by Andrea Appiani to the Villa Reale in Milan. The gallery is presently directed by Marco Fabio Apolloni, a writer, journalist and art historian trained at the Courtauld Institute in London. With his wife Monicca Cardarelli he has also founded the Galleria del Laocoonte dealing in early XXth century italiana art.

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Galleria W. Apolloni

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Marco Fabio Apolloni

+39 3471565812

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6 Ryder Street, London